Tiger Dashboard widgets on your desktop

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macosxhints – 10.4: Detach widgets from the Dashboard I wondered how long it would take for someone to figure this out. Hasta la vista, Konfabulator!

Attack of the Tiger reviews

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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger : Page 3 I don’t know about you, but I like the Panther look a heck of a lot better. The first time I saw the new Mail toolbar, I filed a bug on it. (Radar 3968093: “Toolbar buttons in Mail 2.0 are hideously ugly.”) It was immediately closed as… Read more »

Slowly but surely

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I’ve just completed migrating all my previous posts (19 of ‘em, over the course of 8 months. whee.) from Blojsom to WordPress. It wasn’t what I’d call “easy”, exactly, but it could have been worse. It did affirm my love for the simplicity and ease of use of Python and libxmlrpc. I expect to continue… Read more »

Versioning permissions with subversion

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After reading Joey Hess’ article on keeping your “life” (or at least your home directory) in subversion, I started tinkering with that myself. I work on a number of different *nix systems (OS X, AIX, Linux, for a rough count of a dozen…) and not having my working environment similar on them is a real… Read more »

No more setuid “scripts” in OS X 10.3.9?

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So, what exactly does this mean? Kernel CVE ID: CAN-2005-0970 Impact: Permitting SUID/SGID scripts to be installed could lead to privilege escalation. Description: Mac OS X inherited the ability to run SUID/SGID scripts from FreeBSD. Apple does not distribute any SUID/SGID scripts, but the system would allow them to be installed or created. This update… Read more »


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The Morning News – MiniDisco Them: And you can’t record faster than real time? Sad, but true. I went through a MiniDisc phase. Even went so far as to hard-wire a remote for it into the left switchgear pod on my motorcycle. Unfortunately, the MD player kind of degraded from “skips a lot” to “doesn’t… Read more »