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Information on Dension’s little “fixes” is so hard to come by. Google searches always end up pointing me to MotoringFile, and the search engines on MINI2 and NAM suck.

So, that being said, here’s an exchange I had with Tom Guagliardo from Dension USA.

from me, May 10, 2005:

Subject: ice>link: plus ground wire question

Good evening, Tom. In doing some more reading on NAM and MINI2 tonight, it looks like there is a problem with some ice>link harnesses, in that some have a ground wire in the wrong place.

Can you help me determine if mine has that problem, and, if so, how to correct it? Is Dension replacing the incorrectly manufactured harnesses?

If what I’ve read is correct (black wire is next to the white wire instead of the red wire), then I’ve got a bad harness. Since I have yet to install the unit, I’d really prefer to have the correct harness from Dension, than have to modify my own.


his response, May 11, 2005:


Some BMW/Mini’s have a reversed ground – you may or may not need to perform the procedure.

Enclosed is the document to verify the wiring pinout.

Best Regards,

Tom Guagliardo | Dension USA

The referenced PDF is here: Dension ice>Link: Plus cable repair guide

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