A catchy bit of binary

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10001110101. That translates, variously, to “vp”, 1141, 02165, and 0×475, depending on what base you’re feeling like you belong to. I’d love to spend the rest of the night looking for deeper meaning in these various permutations, but a guy’s gotta sleep sometime, right? So, anyway, I’ve been listening to a lot of Clutch lately…. Read more »

Report-a-bug Tuesday

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Bah, I’m running into enough bugs that I’m not gonna wait ‘til Fridays. Today’s bug: 4265089: Spotlight image importer stores incorrect dates I’ve noticed that Spotlight isn’t importing the actual EXIF date in my images; it’s just using the file date. Not good enough. There are some other reports of the importer doing The Wrong… Read more »

Potatoes don’t kill people…

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High Tech Potato Cannon, originally uploaded by Shed Raider. Humanity is rife with enterprising idiots who final words may well have been “hold my beer and watch this.” Looks more like a Ghostbusters particle accelerator than a spud launcher to me… (via MAKE)