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Bah, I’m running into enough bugs that I’m not gonna wait ‘til Fridays.

Today’s bug: 4265089: Spotlight image importer stores incorrect dates

I’ve noticed that Spotlight isn’t importing the actual EXIF date in my images; it’s just using the file date. Not good enough. There are some other reports of the importer doing The Wrong Thing™ with regard to EXIF data, as well. I’m thinking about modifying the Creative Commons mdimporter importer (‘cause its guts are written in Python) to do the EXIF thing properly. Maybe in my copious free time…

If the behavior of the Image importer bugs you, too, please report this bug!

20-Sep-2005 11:15 AM Brian Lalor:
The Spotlight image importer for JPEG files (/System/Library/Spotlight/Image.mdimporter) fails to properly index the EXIF date and time for images.

1. Copy a JPEG file (like the one attached) that has valid EXIF data to the computer.
2. Force Spotlight to reindex the file, by running “mdimport -r /System/Library/Spotlight/Image.mdimporter”
3. Wait for mdimportserver to settle down
4. using a tool like jhead, examine the EXIF data in the image; the “Date/Time” tag should show “2005:09:07 12:04:34”
5. look at the output of “mdls /path/to/image”. At least one timestamp should be the same as the Date/Time tag from jhead.

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