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Keep your eyes peeled at around the 1:00 mark. ;)

10 Responses to “Driving to NHIS”

  1. db

    Ok, a few points of interest I noticed….

    1. Was that a bird? Or random bits of trash?
    2. Glad to see there are stupid drivers in places other than california.
    3. You move pretty fast. Bet you could have skipped that coffee altogether ;)

  2. blalor

    Yes, that was a bird. Three of them, actually, but I think I only hit two. Did you see me duck? :-)

    We definitely have our share of stupid drivers here, that’s for sure.

    Don’t let the looks fool you; I might be moving quick, but I’m more zombie than Schumacher at that hour (that was a 5:30am departure).

  3. Josh Wardell

    PS: My browser is told to download the resulting PHP page after posting a comment instead of displaying it. Server MIME issue?

  4. blalor

    There’s an effect in iMovie HD that speeds up the video. It’s not perfect; I wish I could speed it up more. But it’s good enough for now.

    I’m hosting with TextDrive and howe, my server, seems to get overloaded a lot. :(

  5. Bob


    Awesome ride video – what’s the music?

    And what’s with the bird hatin’? They screw up your code somehow? :)

  6. Becca

    I had to laugh when you hit the birds! I hit a part of a large bird that had been hit by another car last summer. The part of the bird was a large wing which at first I thought was a piece of fabric until I got close. Then it hit the bottom of my car and flew out back in feathers. My son & friend were behind me in his pick-up truck towing his SCCA Honda CRX. They were laughing their heads off!